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Title: [IM] Retro Turbo Tournament
Post by: John Beak on March 28, 2012, 18:12:51 pm
Retro turnaj v Icy Tower 1.2 :malicious:

Organizuje (http://cdn.last.fm/depth/flags/mini/cz.gif) John Beak

:!: Rules
- Anyone can sign up until Sunday 15.04.2012, 20:00 by posting their nickname (and country) in this topic
- Submit results to john [dot] beak [at] gmail [dot] com
- Each round starts the day before when the password is announced, and ends at 20:00
- Results must include the player name and password in the Player field
- Results must be valid Icy Tower 1.2 replays
- Results must be achieved without the aid of third-party applications, hacks modifying the gameplay, glitches and/or other elements that might enhance performance beyond normal measures
(there will be no explicit checking, play fair and square)
(the organizer reserves right to render a result invalid for breaching the rules)
- All times are CEST (UTC +2) (http://www.timeanddate.com/library/abbreviations/timezones/eu/cest.html)

 :!: Rounds
- Monday 16.04.2011: Combo; password: ; replays
- Tuesday 17.04.2011: Floor; password: ; replays
- Wednesday 18.04.2011: JC2; password: ; replays
- Thursday 19.04.2011: NML; password: ; replays
- Friday 20.04.2011: UNML; password: ; replays

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Title: Re: [IM] Retro Turbo Tournament
Post by: musician on April 08, 2012, 18:17:10 pm
Zaregistroval jsem se na českém fóru, abyste mohl psát o turnajích, abyste se vzbudili Češi se!
Nevím, česky, ale já používám Google Translator (z angličtiny do češtiny), tak abych mohl udělat nějaké gramatické chyby.
Pozdrav z Turecka ...

I registered on the Czech forum to post about tournaments to wake you Czechs up!
I don't know Czech but I use Google Translator (from English to Czech) so I may make some grammatical mistakes.
Greetings from Turkey...
WTH? I'm not a n00b. :D